Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baby Baking

We had our first of the last OB appointments yesterday. Only four weeks left, which is an awful lot of time to get even.more.pregnant. But not a lot of time to get everything ready before this kid comes. 

I got the lovely test for Group B Strep out of the way, praying for the results to be negative so I don't have to have any antibiotics during labor. She went ahead and checked me and it's at a big fat ZERO so I think my hopes for a 37 week baby are out the window. 

Jacob had a good time, as she let him help her find the heartbeat with the doppler, right after he took Chris's blood pressure. I think she has a soft spot for Jacob as he once told her she looked so beautiful when she came in to the room a few months ago. He is kind of charming. 

I suppose I should make an appointment to go to the hospital and register, although I really wish I could just type in my information on the website and be done with it. I don't really care to see the rooms before hand, or watch any videos on the epidural, etc. This ain't my first rodeo, you know? I am not going to care one bit if the rooms are remodeled. As long as I have my own room, it's all good!

The hospital we are using offers a "complementary" take home meal to their patients for the first night home, which is really sweet, but I'm also thinking that it's not really free! But it is a Catholic hospital, so I suppose it could be in a sense.  All I'm hoping for is the chance to use the tub and a quick, get out of jail free pass after one night. No extended stay for us! I'm only taking a month off of work, I want as much time off as possible!


Mama in the City said...

Oh my! I had a heart palpitation at 'only a month' off work. AHHH! Our systems are quite different hey. I don't know what I'd do with just a month off. Can't believe you are almost there. Very exciting!!! Soon that sweet baby will be in your arms. Love it!

Jessica Oliveto said...

I know, it would be wonderful to have a year off like you do! But I do work from home from a small company, and they would give me more time but I sort of chose to go back after a bit. I only work part time!

Tara said...

You know, I have a registration packet that my OB gave me at my FIRST APPOINTMENT, that the hospital expects me to return before something like 20 wks. I find that slightly insane, but now I'm just happy I don't have to actually go to the hospital to register :)

I can't believe how close you are, though!! Yay, babies :)