Tuesday, June 05, 2012

7 Days

Oh friends. I'm sorry. No baby yet!!

Just my huge, itchy belly and some swollen feet to go with it. 

I'm actually at an "almost 2" so that is much more progress than my barely at a 1 with Jacob at 40 weeks, so that is good news.  I'm in some crazy nesting mode, but only partially because I need the changing table in from storage before I can arrange all the baskets holding the baby clothes, baby diapers, blankets, etc. Currently, they are stacked nicely on my ironing board.

I was actually very productive this weekend and finished up some things for a friend having a baby this August.  She requested a nursing cover, baby quilt, and a car seat cover, and I have somehow finished it all except the ties to secure the car seat cover. I'm worried her car seat isn't going to work with the design I have, but if it doesn't, I suppose she can mail them back to me and I can adjust!  I'll try to get some photos up. 

I have made one baby blanket for *my* baby and I'm putting the quilt on the back burner until I have some time to finish it. I don't think a baby needs a large quilt in June, right?  The little Jersey/flannel one I threw together should be just right. 

I also attempted my first dye job this weekend, as well.  I used Rit dye and I chose Orange and Dark Blue for the white baby items I had on hand that needed some attention.  The orange turned out perfect, even and bright! The Dark Blue? Everything turned purple. Which will be perfect if I have a girl, less so if it's a boy.

Which I hope we know if SEVEN DAYS or SOONER!!

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Melissa said...

I was wondering how things were going. :) Hope the next few days fly by!