Wednesday, June 13, 2012

40 Weeks, 1 Day

June 12th has come and gone!

Obviously, no baby.

If I had any faith in all the "remedies" that you can torture yourself with to get the baby out, I'd try them. But I'm pretty sure none of them will work.  If spicy food didn't give me heartburn, it would be much more fun to do that over castor oil.

I have a halfway packed hospital bag though! But the Pack and Play is still at my mom's and the changing table is still in storage, so we aren't even ready for the baby. Not like that will change anything! Besides, Chris is much more productive under pressure, so he can get that all worked out before we come home from the hospital. 

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you probably saw the terrible photo of my sunburnt legs from Sunday.  The lobster look is mostly gone, but left in it's place is the most unflattering tan with a half moon shaped white patch from my belly. That's going to take some time to fix. But luckily, we will be able to be outside in the afternoons post baby. 

As excited as I am to have this baby, I am equally excited to have some time off! And mojitos. I have a lot of mint growing in the garden. Need to use it somehow!

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Melissa said...

I've been thinking about you, wondering how you're doing! I hope you get to meet your baby SOON!!! And can't wait to see pictures. :)
Good luck!