Friday, January 25, 2013

My Cute Baby, LET ME SHOW YOU!

This was Elise's smile during the holidays. I suspect it is due to the two teeth poking out of the top, since she has since stopped the cheesy, nose-crinkling smile.  It was the best, and we all miss it.  

She is now 7 months old and on the very cusp of crawling. The last month was practically blissful, as she was content to sit up and play with her toys for long stretches of time. Occasionally, I'd have to pick her up after an accidental face plant, but she has great head control.  Now, she is reaching and moving her legs back which leads to compromising positions that almost always involve some help from me. Freedom, I hardly enjoyed it. Now we will have to baby proof in earnest, I suppose?  Mostly just Jacob's room will be off limits and I will need a gate for the stairs. We never had to do this for Jacob!  

Elise is ready for some solids, but she hates purees so I've been testing the waters of baby led weaning. Although last night I put a spoonful of rice in her mouth and we are just not there yet. She does like pickles, french fry waffles, rib bones, and will occasionally chew on a broccoli floret. But she wants everything I have and clearly we need to re-vamp our menu to accommodate that girl. 

I left her in the church nursery this past weekend and I think she was in complete heaven as there were 4 or 5 pre-teens watching over her. They were all enamored, one girl asked if she was always this happy. 

Yes, yes she is. 

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Andrea F said...

She looks ever so sweet. Josie wasn't interested in eating solids until close to 8 months. Now she just won't stop and if I want to eat a piece of chocolate I have to hide around the corner. I know! Ridiculous.