Wednesday, September 12, 2007

For The One Who Has Read The Internet

You know who you are <3

Sorry I didn't post as promised last night. But I got home from school and broke into mass cleaning mode. I did everything in about three hours. Kitchen, vaccuming, windows, bathrooms. And in the end, I was happy. For about two hours before the f-ing tenants came back and fucked it all up.

Actually, I can't say that about all three of them. One is very nice and respectful of all that he does and I would let him sleep on my couch for as long as he needed. The other two, however, need their own maid service. And that does not make me a happy camper.

Unfortunately, this might have all been avoided if they hadn't started out on the wrong foot. See, Rule #1 in my "Book of Proper Houseguests" is Don't use the Hostesses make up, especially her eyeshadow brush. So, see? Hate, all in the first 24 hours. From there it's leaving shoes in places like the bathroom, cereal and milk in the sink, leaving plastic bags on the toaster while cooking something, MGD bottle caps all over the place, and lottery ticket shavings on the table. Yeah, I would have gotten annoyed by these things, eventually. Since I am clean here. And because I would respect someone else's house.

Ok, time for me to go sub again! But it's Wednesday, and that means short classes!!

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