Friday, September 07, 2007


I am a substitute teacher!

I went back to Colorado for Labor Day!

I have three extra people living in my house!

Oh, I've got nothing else.

Substitute teaching. I went in on my birthday to apply for the sub list in Hobbs, and ended up with a long term positon. I started the next day. They didn't even ask to see my ID. They just gave me the paperwork and off I went. I'm teaching AP English to the 8th grade in the morning, and I go over to the Freshman High School in the afternoon to teach regular English to 6th and 7th period. It's going well, I really enjoy the middle school. They are actually willing to learn and talk to me, while the freshman just want to talk to each other and make a lot of noise. I don't know who thought that a freshman high school was a good idea, but I think that upperclassmen serve as role models to freshman in the form of intimidation and these kids are just not getting that on a daily basis. The middle school teachers I'm working with are nowhere nearly as helpful to me as the freshman teachers. Fortunately, I can understand what we are doing in middle school a lot better than the high school. Not that I don't understand the freshman curriculm but it's hard to teach something to people who won't shut up, so they don't make it easy on me to make mistakes or hem and haw about what to do next. I think I have about a week left before the actual teacher can be here, so I'll enjoy knowing what I'm doing on a daily basis for now.

Colorado was awesome. JBelle is so CHATTY. I taught her to do some yoga poses before I left, I think it was a successful trip. It's hard, because I had just gotten used to not seeing her and now I miss her crazy bad. She knows I'm in "Mexico" though, now she asks me "where you at, Jess? Mexico?" I just say yes. The best part about home, beside being home, was Whole Foods. How do people live happy lives without one close by? I just feel better right now knowing that I have Whole Foods items in my fridge. Like Banilla yogurt and some special cheeses, and Peace Pasta. I love you. I don't understand about how I can be so close to Texas and yet nowhere near a Whole Foods or a Wild Oats. Oh, wait. Yes, I can. Because Target is so far away.

The quest for loosing the chubbiness is going well, now that I have a job that requires I not sit on a couch all day. Also, I take two walks a day. Plus one hundred sit-ups and som yoga. I enojy it. And the walks are good for Hunter.

Ok, time for grading. Maybe I'll write up the adventures of houseguests later.

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