Saturday, September 22, 2007

I Think Some Pie Is In Order

I don't know how to make pie. But I may try tomorrow. If nothing else, after this stint in New Mexico, I will be a proficient baker. Maybe I can perfect chocolate chip cookies, as mine always seem to come out badly. I wonder what kind of pie I should make. Or maybe you all want me to make something that's shippable.

Somehow I think that will be the overwhelming desire. Hmm, what's fun and shippable? Fudge? Cookies, again? Brownies? Too bad cake and cupcakes are not shippable. I would like to make those!

So we were supposed to go to Carlsbad Caveran tomorrow, but CS has to attend some sort of CPR class in order to keep his job, which is a good thing, but that means no trip to Carlsbad. And I was really looking forward to that. I don't know why, but I was. So that disappointment, on top of CS falling asleep tonight at 5 and not wanting to wake up for dinner (which took me a while to make) has me kind of bummed out tonight. Or maybe I've reached my limit of "alone time" and I would like to have a friend here. One that I'm not dating, and one that has similar interests to my own rather than just the fact that our significant others work together. I wonder if any of the teachers at the school are close to my age, or if I'm sort of out of the loop on that. Being 24 isn't easier. I think it's harder, because now people are starting families as opposed to going out and drinking. I know that none of my OWU friends are doing that, but that's because we are special and we value education over procreating RIGHT NOW like many of society chooses to do.


So two days later...

I ended up talking to CS after all that and I feel better now. Mostly I was just frustrated that I made dinner, and then ate dinner alone. I realize he works hard, all day long and six days a week. But I also spend a majority of my time doing things and waiting for him to come home. I'm going to work on going out and doing things in the evening, as opposed to making dinner and watching TV all evening. That's a winter thing. It is fall. So first up on the list: Rollerskating! I'm thinking tomorrow.

We did end up going to Carlsbad in the afternoon and it was COOL. The caverns are huge, it's amazing that this was created and that it still stands. I'll put up photos in my Facebook and Myspace, but sadly it was so dark in there that it's hard to tell what you're looking at. I highly recommend them if you are ever down in the Southwest. And especially if you enjoy geology, like I did (Thanks, Dr. Mann). There was one section called the Bottomless Pit, which has a bottom and also Fairyland, which I thought looked a lot like something in Dante's Inferno and maybe we were in a circle of hell. What shocked me the most was the fact that they have the Lower Caves and they haven't even been explored yet! There are tunnels and caverns that no one has been into! How cool is that? I am speechless over it.

I should get baking on that pie now. And maybe some Snickerdoodles for my lovely friends!

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