Thursday, August 23, 2007


I really liked the Golden Brthday year of 23. But it's a lot nicer to say 24. Something about even numbers. I like them.

So 24 things about me:

1. I like to eat bananas with peanut butter from the jar.
2. I only use salon products on my hair. I was a receptionist at a hair salon when I was 16 and I got hooked. Plus, I have great hair.
3. I got Hunter because I wanted a big, male dog. Now, I want a Great Dane. Black female, with droopy ears.
4. I get wistful when I think about Europe, and I've only been to London once. I think it's because all the novels I read are historical fiction and they are set in London, Paris, Rome. Someday, I need to go see all the things I've read about. And maybe move there.
5. I love peacocks. I even taugh JBelle to mimic them.
6. I don't budget on a computer. I write everything down on a piece of paper from a tablet, subtracting each bill from the amount I've been paid. I do this multiple times a pay period.
7. I'm going to start teaching English tomorrow. As a sub for three weeks.
8. I have NO idea how to teach.
9. I'm sort of nervous. It's for upper Middle School and the Freshman High School. Halp!
10. I love trail mix. Especially the kind from Wal-mart, Sam's Choice Mountain Trail. Dear lord, it's wonderful.
11. I fold my underwear into neat little squares. I really don't mind folding and putting away clothes. It's kind of mindless and organized.
12. I've read Dolly Parton and Reba McIntire's biographies.
13. I used to want to be a country singer.
14. I have a good sense of direction when it comes to driving around in new places.
15. I don't function well if I don't shower daily.
16. I tell everyone Hunter is a pure Lab, but I have my doubts. Our vet thinks he might be part Doberman, because of his markings. I think he looks a lot like his dad, but maybe that's just the evil, yellow eyes.
17. I've raised pigs for about half my life. It started for 4-H, then it was just for the bacon. And, man, is that bacon good.
18. I don't like "cheap beer" but I love me some microbrews!
19. I'm about a year yonger than all my OWU friends. Which is nice, as they will always be older than I am and I can never feel "old" around them.
20. I want to make a quilt someday.
21. My first shot when I turned 21 was a Chocolate cake one, and Damian lit the sugar on fire. I wish I would have worked at a bar that made those kind of shots. You know, the good ones.
22. I want my first child to be a girl. And I might want to stop after just one.
23. I like to take the little cap on the faucet off to clean out the debris that collects inside. And I can never get it back on properly.
24. I'm obsessed with the Food Network. I watch it all the time.

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