Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Bangin' Suit

Me: Jayden, what are you wearing?
Jayden: My bangin' suit.
Me: And did you put sunscreen on?
Jayden: Yeah, I put sunscream on.

She would also like a Princess Shooting Gun. Thank goodness her birthday is eleven months away! I don't know if we could find a shooting gun in a Disney princess theme. I should google that.

Speaking of banging suits, I'm having issues with my body. Last night at Wal-Mart, I weighed myself on a scale in the bathroom aisle. And it read: 140. Where I yelled "Ew" and pulled another one off the shelf. 140. I am not happy with this weight. In my body's defense, I did spend about two months with limited exercise and a very bad diet. Only in the past two weeks have I settled into a routine that involves walking 2.5 miles a day and healthy eating. And this is also the "rebound" weight from having my tonsils out. I didn't want to stay at the 120 I was three weeks post surgery, but I didn't want to put on 15 pounds. Although, I did weigh myself at night, rather than in the morning, so I bet at least 5 pounds could be taken off for that. Right?

In any case, my bangin' suit needs some hard work out time. And a yoga DVD.

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