Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ya'll Are Just Haters.

I'm at the only coffee place in town that serves Starbucks. Hobbs doesn't have an actual Starbucks establishment; the Pacific Rim just serves as an outlet for Starbucks' business. Much like the St. Cloud Hotel in Canon. I'm actually at a coffee bar, and I can see about 50 bottles of Yellow Tail Chardonnay behind the counter.

I started coming here for the wireless as well as the Starbucks. I adore Starbucks coffee. It is the only coffee I can drink with no cream, just some sugar. And I prefer it to be a dark roast. Apparently, that's the first step in admitting I have a "coffee problem." Ok, ok, I have a problem. I love coffee. And I've been without for days. But I do have English Breakfast Tea at home, so I've been handling the withdrawals well.

Last night we ventured out to the casino/race track for the evening with a few people. The casino has an All You Can Eat Seafood Buffet, which really translates to All You Can Eat Snow Crab Legs and Maybe Some Cocktail Shrimp. I truly think buffets are the bane of society and what's wrong with America. Then I ate about 14 crabs. I suppose that I would place fast food on a lower level of evil than buffets as buffets usually have actual vegetables included, but still. It's wasteful and unnecessary. Kind of like dining halls at college!

I have an interview for the library on Monday. I suppose it's slightly wretched of me to go into an interview when I haven't told them that I am not able to work the hours they have posted on the position. But it's also a library, and from what I've seen, they are usually flexible with schedules. I'm not sure how that works if your reason for not being able to work is because you want to actually see your live in boyfriend sometime and also you don't actually need money, you just need a hobby.

Hi, I'm a 24 year old Homemaker!

Oh, wait. I'm only 23. But just for another 2 weeks.

I did find out that we are coming back to Colorado for Labor Day. I have no idea of that's what CS had in mind when he told me they were off for Labor day, but my immediate response was "Can we go home?" Perhaps you can't say no to that kind of thing. Which thank god, because I really want to talk to JBelle. Today on the phone she told me she was going to eat Superman Yogurt and I thought she said "some yogurt" so I asked what kind of yogurt. And she repeated it slowly for me, but in a tone of exasperation. Like "S-u-p-e-r-m-a-n Yogurt, Jessi. Are you not being a good listener right now?" Sometimes the enormity of what I've done hits me, and I realize that though I didn't move to Ohio I did move far enough away that I am not a presence in her life anymore. And that I might not be for years. Some days, that's really hard to face.

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