Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sleeping House

Well. I have a guest. She is sleeping on the couch. And CS is napping in his chair. Hunter is on the floor at my feet. I just showered, so I'm not all that interested in lying down and mussing my hair. And since Lace is here, we are going out tonight. I don't feel like showering twice in one afternoon. So I'll just sit right here.

I'm feeling very frustrated with myself right now. I feel so uncomfortable with myself and the weight I put on. It's probably not a lot, as I can still put on my jeans I wore constantly, but it's enough that I can tell it's more than just a few pounds. It's enough that I can see it when I look at the pictures we took last night. It just happened, all of the sudden. It makes no sense as I have been working out everyday, a lot harder than I have been for the past few months. You would think that the amount of exercise I get would make up for the extra food intake. I suppose that's it, I've been home and constantly snacking for two weeks. It just doesn't feel like that.

So I'm putting the smack down on snacking. It's not really a diet, as I don't like that word. It more like I will actively avoid food and possibly start running in the evenings.

Fortunately, I got a job so I will be getting out of the house and away from the snacks.

And what's my job? I'm going to go work at the "Starbucks" here in town. I start on Tuesday.

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