Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Please Let This Election Be Over.

Wednesday, 12:45 PM

Phone rings: Caller ID says random numbers: Hello, this is a 45 second political survey. (says automated voice) Would you like to participate in this survey?

Me: Yes (why not?)

Survey Voice: Would you like to take this survey in Spanish?
Woman's Survey Voice: Something in Spanish.

Me: No.

Survey Voice: Are you worried about your job and the future of your company?

Me: No.

Survey Voice: Please say Yes, No or Repeat.

Me: No.

Survey Voice: You Should BE!.


Too bad this wasn't a real person. Since my job title is now MAMA and I don't think that's going away for life. And what's more, I'll be getting a second job in about three to five years. So sure, my job and the future of my company is secure.

I should have kept listening. Was it a Democratic or Republican ad? Could be either at this point, am so SICK of negative campaigning. Someone should put that into the Constitution. I'd vote for anyone if they took that stance in an election. Democrat, Republican, Dictator. Who cares.

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