Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Oh Look!

I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It leads straight to trailer trashville, but it's a faint glimmer of hope that we will be moving out of CS's parent's house and into a place of our own.

CS's boss told him the other day that he could fix up the trailer that the company owns and we could move in if we wanted to have a place of our own. This is a very nice offer, I suppose, it's just that the house he's offering is more suited to middle age men who have never married as opposed to a stay at home mom with a toddler. It's not awful, but it's not good either. The trailer sits behind the company shop and it has a fenced yard but it's overtaken by weeds. We had to walk on pallets to get to the door, and even then we had to fight through some nasty brush. Once inside, it's clear that no one has been in to do anything in a while. There are beer cans in boxes and all the furnace covers are out of the floor. There are clear sticky flytraps covered with flies in the windows and a plunger in the toilet. There is a hole in the floor by the back door, and I suspect the hole is larger now because CS went over the other day to try and replace it but didn't have all he needed at the time. The carpet needs deep cleaned and the kitchen/bedroom/bathroom needs tile or something to cover the particle board.

I could go on, but I think I'll stop here. It's too depressing. My options are continue to live in a real house and watch my relationship fail a little more each day or go live in a fixed up dump until CS's job decides to pay him what they agreed. I guess if we can fix up the inside of the house, I can just ignore the outside. All I really know is that we can't stay here anymore. CS's mom had his dad put baby locks on all the kitchen drawers to keep Jacob out. Maybe I take things too literally, but that just screams "You are not welcome here" so I'll figure out a way to leave so she can go back to living her life like people never make mistakes, messes, or put the silverware in the dishwasher wrong.

Maybe I'll post some pictures of the house after this weekend. Hopefully the before and after are remarkably different.

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