Thursday, October 15, 2009

Staying Home

Today, I watched my little boy wander around the backyard. He ran over to the dog and stole his ball before trying to throw it for him. Then he started jabbering away in his language to Hunter as he threw both arms over his head. Over and over, he did this. After he was done with that performance, he turned around and looked at me, big toothy grin on his face and wrinkled up nose. I am so blessed and lucky to be able to stay home and watch him grow.

One year ago, he was one month old and just learning how to smile. Now I have a walking, talking, climbing toddler. And I'm ashamed of how badly I've recorded his first year. How will I remember? Everyday is something new and exciting. There are not enough minutes in a day or words to describe it.

He can tell you what a horse says. He sticks his tongue between his lips and blows. A cow says "mmm" and sometimes a chicken goes "buck!" When I'm cooking, he wedges himself between the cabinets and my legs, then pushes me back and lifts up his arms. He climbs on top of my sewing machine to look out the window. He likes my spaghetti. I can easily feed him medicine for constipation but not the antihistamine. One's banana flavored. Emma is his favorite dog, he always falls onto her back or sits next to her and leans back to lounge on her flank. Playing in the driver's seat of a car is the best way to keep him happy. Rocks always find a way into his mouth.

He is my Jacobey and I love being his mama.

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