Monday, October 05, 2009

Not Me! Monday

In an effort to avoid watching football today, I certainly did not spend a significant amount of time in bed this evening. Complete with baby, clementines and a bowl of popcorn. Nor did I eat a spoonful of Nutella after I got the baby to bed.

Nor would I let the baby bring a rock from outside into the house and leave it on the side table for days. I never put up a small syringe plus for the laxative medication into my purse, only to forget that I put it up and then find myself on a frantic search of the room and under couches because I'm sure the baby found it and swallowed it and OMG he already has issues pooping and now he might have to poop out a cap-like object. Of course, I would never do that. I always put small objects up and out of reach to avoid panicky moments like that. (I did find it the next day, but then the baby found it and I had to put it away again.)

I also would never put the baby to sleep while watching Desperate Housewives really quietly because Mad Men is recording on the big TV and the guys are watching the game so I couldn't DVR both. My son always falls asleep knowing his mama is paying full attention to his sleepy little eyelids.

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Colorado Knitter said...

Me neither!