Monday, September 28, 2009


My friend and I went to a 90 minute "business conference" this evening because they said we'd get a free ipod if we sat through the talk.

We didn't.

And they fed us sandwiches. Gross ones. The only redeeming thing is that we got a cake cookie with dinner. And that we got free MP3 players, we just have to wait 6 weeks. And they aren't ipods.

Honestly, we knew it wasn't going to be fun. I just wanted a free ipod shuffle. And I thought dinner would be better than a stupid sandwich because it was in one of the nicer banquet rooms this city has. But, no. It was a sad event.

However, the good news is that Jacob made it through three hours with his daddy. No mama around, and he did it! There was some crying on Jacob's part, and some texting from CS but I didn't have to leave early and when I walked in the door, there were no tears streaming down the baby's face. He just ran to me and laid himself on my lap, nuzzling his face into my chest and beaming up at me.

Three hours isn't much, but it's the most we've been apart since his inception.

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