Tuesday, September 01, 2009


How did this happen? September always marks the start of fall. Even now, the weather is already cooler and some days it's too chilly to think about playing in the pool. Although today was 95 degrees and I did get in the pool! Except I wish I hadn't because it needs some chlorine STAT. I cleaned the leaves and bug gunk out though; while Jacob chased Hunter around the yard.

My brother is down in Alabama and I'm tempted to try and get him to agree to support me so I can go live down there for the rest of winter. I'm pretty sure he'll say no, though. Since he's going to have his own baby and he doesn't need mine anymore. But then again, I do have Hunter and they are gay lovers so maybe he'll say yes!

In two days, Jacob is turning one and I would like to know where my year has gone. Because last year, over Labor day weekend, I was hugely pregnant and taking lots of naps. This year, I will be hosting a party for my Goombee boy. Complete with chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting for kids and chocolate cupcakes with Baileys frosting for adults. And I hope there is beer. Although CS's parents bought most of the food the other day at Sam's Club so maybe I can't buy beer. Or I'll just give my mom money and tell her to bring it. There must be a way to get around Prohibition. Right?

So while fall bring my baby's birthday, I am most upset about it because my tan is lacking and there are only so many days left to get it perfect. So I can look pretty all winter. (Also, I cut my hair and I need some blonde back. It's a lot shorter so it's a lot darker.)

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