Monday, February 22, 2010


Jacob has bronchitis! Which is good because to treat it we just have to strip down and take steam baths. He's pretty happy for the most part, just needs a dose of two of Tylenol a day. Although last night he seemed to think that his bed was no good enough and he was WIDE AWAKE at 11:30 but fast asleep in my arms until I'd lay him back down. Repeat about four times I was about ready to chuck him in bed and start the cry it out method. Sick kids are trying to the last drop.

It also snowed this weekend which means that not only do I have a sick baby but I have a sick baby who cannot go outside for over two days. There is nothing better than outside to a baby. Except when he falls in snow and gets snow on his hands. Then his life sucks and he wants to go back in.

The other great thing about snow is that my 4-wheel drive on my car is broken along with the HEAT. Which is kind of important, I guess. When it's 19 degrees out and you have a baby with bronchitis. Or when you have irrational fears about getting stranded on the side of the road in a storm. We'd be pretty warm with our light jackets and fingerless gloves for about fifteen minutes. Not to mention that I don't go any farther from my house than 15 miles when it storms so I'm sure we will be safe no matter what. With the exception of the one bridge we drive over to get to Florence. It has me convinced that I need one of those tools to break the window and cut you free from seatbelts in case of an emergency and you can't just push the button. But now that I have Jacob I am terrified of falling into a river with my car and there will be no time to get him out of the car seat. Clearly, I have too much time on my hands.

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