Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I was a very busy bee last week. The sour cherry tree in the backyard was ripe and loaded with shiny red globes. The birds were unaware that such a bounty was waiting for them so I had to pick quickly or I would lose.
I'm pretty sure I won. They picked it clean a few days after I finished. I couldn't get the cherries on the top of the tree, but there were plenty I could reach.

Then I searched for a jam recipe and found this. I made two batches and ended up with over ten jars and two rubbermaid containers. I probably should have blended the cherries to make a smoother jam, mine is a little chunky but it's still delicious.


Abby said...

This looks delicious

Kendra said...

best ever Jess. Good job your great grandma would be proud.