Thursday, July 01, 2010


Whomever said that Internet is an asshole has clearly not read the comments on this post.

It's so nice to see strangers doing something great for a family in need.

CS and I went to Blue Mesa last weekend. Jacob almost prevented us from going by getting a 100 degree fever Thursday, but it only lasted about 24 hours. It was a sad day for little man. I gave him Tylenol and cuddled him. He took three naps and ate almost nothing. It was sad to watch my bouncing baby defeated and mopey. Friday morning he was better so we decided to head out after his nap. Luckily, he was still sick or the three hour car ride would have been misery. As it was, he only made it to Monarch Pass before the fever, the car ride, and the altitude made him throw up all over himself as we were coming down the pass. It was gross. I'm glad he'd only had juice and a few french fries and not the hamburger I tried to feed him. It didn't help that when CS and Jacob got out of the car to clean up, mosquitos decided to attack and eat them alive.

We stayed in a little cabin at the "resort" and did a whole lot of nothing. We took the 4-wheelers out once, but I almost tipped mine coming back down. I thought it was in Low and it was in High so I couldn't stop. I started screaming and putting all my weight into the brake. I got it to stop but I let CS drive it down the rest of the hill while I walked with Jacob. Next time we will have a lesson before I attempt to go down a hill with sharp, brain crushing rocks all over the place.

There was a pool we could play in and Jacob has learned how to float and swim while wearing water wings. He also attempted to jump off the ledge into my arms and ended up on his bottom on the concrete. We're working on that! But he can swim across the pool without holding on to me so I think we're making progress. Can't wait till next week, when his swim lessons start! Except that I have to get in the pool with him and I really just want to sit and talk to the mom's of older kidlets.

I'll post some pictures of the "camping" but most of them are failed attempts to capture the awesomeness of coals so I may have to spare you that.

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