Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photo Tuesdays

My photo class is going well. We are learning to meter which is a lot of work when you are still unsure if you want a low or high f-stop or what shutter speed you need for daylight, clouds, night, etc.

I took this at night, in my room with only the overhead light on. I was in manual mode, my f-stop set to 5 (or as low as it can go) and my shutter speed was 1/25 (or 25). I set my ISO to 1600 and my White Balance to Auto, I believe. Anytime you are using a shutter speed of less than 1/60, you might have camera shake, so beware!

This is a blur action shot. I sent my ISO to 400 or 800, since the room was quite bright. My White Balance was also on Auto. I set my f-stop as low as possible, either 3.5 or 4 and my shutter speed was around 1/100. I had to play with it a bit to get it to blur. But it's much brighter than the stop action shot below.

ISO set to 800. White Balance on Auto. Shutter speed was around 1/60 and my f-stop was as low as I could set it.

This is the Arkansas river down the road from us. On Sunday the temperature was over 70 degrees so around 4 PM, CS, Jacob and I went down to take some pictures. I had to trek around a large pond in the middle of the road to get down to this point, but I'm glad I did. My instructor said she liked this one, and she doesn't like many of our photos! My ISO was 400, White Balance was set to shade. I set my f-stop to 5.6 and my shutter speed was 1/200.

Next week I have to take pictures downtown (only) so wish me luck. I don't know if I will have many cute baby shots to save me!

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