Thursday, February 03, 2011

Too Cold!

I think the cold weather has brought back my pregnancy carpal tunnel and I am not excited about it. Either that or the extra three hours I'm now working a week is taking it's toll.

I know most of the country has has terrible weather and I am very thankful that I have a warm place to be when it's -20 degrees out. We live in the basement portion of house so it's not the warmest of homes but we have space heaters and a fake fireplace to keep warm. I'm grateful that our pipes did not freeze, although I'm feeling very terrible that the pipes at my mom's house did freeze and I'm worried that they will have burst by now. She's on vacation, on a cruise, no less! I went over later on Tuesday night but they were already frozen by the time I checked. I completely forgot about her house since I had her dog already with me. The good thing is that she can't check her phone or Facebook so at least she can have a good time until she gets back!

I have been a bad crafter with all these cold nights we've been having, so I have very little to report! I finally got the backing for the king size quilt I'm making but I can't pin it together until I get my quilt finished because all the pins I own (and some I borrowed) are in use. I need to get it together and quilt it up so I can use it!

So much for my plan to get all three quilts finished in January!

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