Friday, January 28, 2011

Five Things

Randi from i have to say... did a little 5 Things About Me and I am totally stealing it. I'm trying to update so my mom doesn't give me a hard time for being a bad blogger.

My five things are:

I can make a call like a peacock. We used to have peacocks and they make a really cool sound so I like to imitate them. This morning, after my mom and I got some coffee, we drove past a house that had a flock of peacocks in their yard. We stopped to show Jacob and when I made the peacock call, all of them stopped pecking the ground to look over at us. I'd say I have an authentic peacock call. (it sounds like mmmerRAW) (even though CS's grandma tried to tell me they sound like they are saying "help!)

I want to learn how to blow glass beads.

Since I had Jacob my hair has gotten less curly. I'm pretty bummed about this, since I'm trying to grow it out and the longer it gets, the flatter it will be. I had great curls at 21. Now I wear it up and back a lot to keep it from looking so flat.

I talk to my mom everyday. Because we actually like each other.

I get really annoyed with the dog lately, but every time he runs away, I get worried that he will die and then I won't feel safe when it's just me and Jacob in the house. He's pretty scary looking (yellow eyes are creepy!) so I don't think anyone would be able to get past him, even if he's a big dummy.

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Kendra said...

I love this inspiration that you get from the guilt I give oxox