Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bridesmaids-All in a Row

A friend of a friend contacted me through Facebook and asked if I could make her bridesmaid gifts for her wedding in June. She let me pick out the fabric and I was over-joyed to find that I had enough stash fabric to make five market bags for her ladies.

I got this flower print from a box my grandparent's found at an estate sale and sent to me.

I have a thing for birds.

And Parisville. I love Parisville.

I used Michael Miller Owls and Innocent Crush together. I think it looks good together!

I also made a pink corduroy bag with Parisville but it was too blurry and I didn't notice! I'm in the process of sewing buttons on three brush rolls and then I get to move on to making make up bags. I am somewhat sad to find that I had enough fabric to make sure a huge order, andI never once thought to make them for Etsy. Funny how you can find inspiration when you really need it.

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Nicole said...

Very cute! I was just thinking about making some myself! Love all the different colors. Nicole @