Monday, January 17, 2011

9 Hour Days

Tonight, right as I started to chop an onion for spaghetti sauce, I remembered I was supposed to be at a photography class. My mom offered to pay for a six week session on basic photography for Christmas and my first class was from 6 to 9 tonight. I got there at 7, but I felt horrible for completely spacing it out of my night. Even though I was late, she was very nice about it and I'm glad I didn't NOT go or I would not have an assignment for the week and I wouldn't have learned how to adjust my F-Stop or Shutter speed.

At least I remembered to get up and start working by 8 AM today! While everyone outside our company had a day off, I got to work so I have enough hours to pay my bills this month! I am terribly grateful.

CS and Jacob made and brought me waffles and coffee for breakfast. CS even put cream in my coffee first. And I assume Jacob helped with the syrup based on the amount in each waffle well. It was awesome. Getting a waffle maker was probably the best gift this Christmas. mostly because I don't have to make them! I wonder what chocolate waffles would taste like...

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