Saturday, January 15, 2011


We finally got the snow that the rest of the country seemed to have and we never would. It started on Sunday afternoon, right around the time church let out and we were scheduled to go to Springs for some shopping. Face wash from Sephora and Cotton Batting from Joann's. Fun stuff! We decided to drive and it was fine but I'm so glad we went early. We may know how to drive on snow, but it doesn't make it fun OR fast.

Monday morning was freezing cold. All of us laid in bed until 10 or so, as there was no reason to go outside. CS and Jacob did go out and shovel the walks and play in the snow while I worked. I discovered that I can glide up the street in my Walmart boots, but I stopped when I almost fell down and broke my bottom. It's not wise to slide when you have a queen sized quilt in your arms and nothing to help you balance.

It finally warmed up on Wednesday. It was 54 degrees at noon when I ran to the Post Office and I felt like Spring had arrived.

But I'm afraid it's only just begun!

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