Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ball o'Fun

Jacob's aunt got him this huge rolly ball a while ago and it's just not getting warm enough to blow it up.

Jacob, of course, is terrified of it and refuses to go inside to roll around. It also doesn't help that the guys where playing "catch" with it and after his Papa had given it a rough shove, Jacob ran toward it and got himself knocked to the ground.

So for now, he just watches. But I know once his beloved JBelle plays in it, he will not be able to leave it alone. Just wait, that is exactly how it will play out.

Jacob is having his first sleepover with JBelle this weekend. CS and I have a fire department event to go to and my mom has tickets to something with her boyfriend so I needed a babysitter. He's going to stay with his Auntie Mel and JBelle for the night. I'm sure he will be fine, bedtime might have some tears but I assume sleeping in JBelle's trundle bed with some Scooby Doo will solve all his problems.

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Kendra said...

awe he is growing too fast