Monday, March 07, 2011


This weekend, we went up to Boulder to hang out, have lunch with my boss and shop. We haven't been able to get out for a day in a while so it was way too short for all the things we would have liked to do. In retrospect, getting a hotel and staying the night would have been genius!

I haven't been to Boulder in years so it was nice walk around Pearl Street and take some photos. I was shocked to see that pansies were blooming. I assume they were planted recently, but I could be wrong. Makes me almost hopeful for spring, even when there are 2 inches of snow on the ground and it's still falling.

This guy was awesome. Jacob put a dollar in his trunk and he offered to take a photo with him. Of course, Jacob was too scared to get close. When we first walked by, we didn't realize that he was real.

Shocking moment of the weekend: Jacob wanted to hold the baby, rather than pitch a fit that I was holding her.

My lap isn't big enough for two so CS had to help. Unrelated, I would like a baby girl now. Holy cow, she is cute. Even when she almost ripped my earring out of my ear.

We also made a stop at Mike's Camera store on Pearl St. and CS got me a new zoom lens for my camera. So now I have to take the in-between class next month, just to break it in!

Now if only he could give me a girl baby.....

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Kendra said...

Oh I am sure he could but would that be the best considering the employment situation and how could you work both jobs with 2 little ones?