Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This last Sunday, I got up early (extra early due to the time change, THANKS A LOT.) and went to Pueblo to take some photos with one of my classmates. I only had a little over an hour to get them done for the day, but we were able to find some good shots. Or at least shots I enjoy having. I haven't had class this week, she had to cancel due to illness, so I'm not sure if she will even like them yet!

Above is the Vail Hotel in Pueblo. It's now a retirement home but it's absolutely beautiful. A man inside saw us taking photos outside and invited us in. Very art deco inside, but a bit dark for our shots.

I love the blue and white. I believe this is a restaurant down on Union Ave in Pueblo. It reminds me of New Orleans, for some reason. Maybe Mardi Gras was on my mind?

Actually, blue should be the theme of these shots. If only this hydrant was white instead of silver.

PS. Did you know blue and white were my High School colors? True fact.

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