Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Wedding Bells: Part Two

After we made it out the door and in time for the shuttle, we parked ourselves in a pew and waited for the bride. Who we may have seen when she walked down the hall before the ceremony. Her mama told us to avert our eyes, but that seemed terribly rude so we just smiled and tried to look ashamed. I doubt we succeeded!

Post-wedding: we took a shuttle to the reception, a lovely quaint house with a huge enclosed patios and overhead heaters. Along with generous servings of hors devours and plentiful drinks, we waited for the bride. Sarah looked so lovely! Very Grecian goddess, and somehow I have no photos of her. Technically, I have at least one Polaroid but Sally took them and claims she is going to scan them before sending them back to me.

After enjoying our snacks and drinks, we all went to dinner and had...HAMBURGERS! My friends are so classy. We were actually hoping for hot dogs, if we are going to be honest.

Later there was dancing and group photo taking, I can't wait to see the results from that! Cell Block #18!

Of course, the weekend pasted by TOO quickly and I am in full friend withdrawal. 2.5 days is not enough time! Cleveland, OH does not have Tim Hortons but luckily, we found a Trader Joe's so it's slightly redeemed. Just a little bit!

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