Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yesterday, I turned 28.

I took the day off and it was lovely. I've been a bit worn out lately so I hope this was a good jump start to some new energy!

Monday, Jacob and I took off for the Springs to play with my (fake) sister in law. We got shellac manicures and I'm kind of in love with my pretty nails. Maybe this will keep me from sticking my fingers in my mouth all the time. It's a filthy habit, I know. But it keeps me from biting them, and I've never been able to stop! They look like Ruby Slippers and it will last for about 3 weeks!

Also, did you know that your cuticles are dead skin? I did not and I could not understand why they cut them off. Clearly, I do not pamper myself enough.

Then I went and bought rubber gloves to protect the nails from dish washing.

I also bought a ton of Tikki Masala sauce in cans to feed my habit. When I should be scouring the internet for a recipe to make my own. I always have cream and tomatoes on hand. This should be EASY!

Speaking of tomatoes...they are ripe at the moment and I am drowning in them. I need to make sauce to freeze before they start to go bad! And let's just not talk about the corn crop...

Next time, I will tell you about camping and how much fun that was!

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Tara said...

Happy (waaaaaay) belated birthday, Jessica! I am sorry I missed sending you birthday wishes on the actual day, but I hope you had a fantastic one :)