Wednesday, December 12, 2012


 Jacob continues to be the best helper. He has his moments, sure, but for the most part? He is a great big brother. Elise usually wakes up before him and as soon as she sees him (next to us in bed, because OF COURSE) she has a big grin on her face. I didn't do the November thankfulness meme, but if I had, I'd be thankful for our king sized bed because it allows all four of us to sleep, although I'm pretty sure Chris gets the smallest corner. But he sleeps like the dead so I don't think he even knows most of the time. 
 Does she not look so pleased to be sitting with her brother? Jacob hung the moon for her, clearly. 
We are just on the cusp of mobility and we can technically start solids any day now. The past six months have just breezed right by and I can't believe that a year ago I was still suffering from morning sickness and stressing over what I was going to do with a baby and my job. *Spoiler* It all worked out! Some days are better than others, but it's pretty peachy no matter what happens.  Most days I feel our little family is complete and we are so lucky to have what we do.

Now, just wish my mom luck tomorrow when she is watching baby girl and putting her to bed with a bottle.  No worries, I'm taking my own car so I can leave the AMR holiday party if I have to and nurse the little precious. See what I give up for you, baby girl? Delicious food and a cocktail. Lucky girl. 


The Shavers said...

they are soooooo cute!!! and look so much alike

Andrea F said...

It is so heart warming to see the two of them in those photos and I love that you are all cozied together in your king size bed.

My boy wakes up early and my husband follows suit. So, it is often just me and the baby who are left to sleep until a normal time (7 AM please). When we come out to the main living area our little guy shouts, 'good morning girls'. My favourite thing ever!