Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hello 26!

Today is my birthday! So here is a list of 26 things.

1. I made these for my cake today. They are amazing.

2. Jacob "signed" a card for me, and he got more ink on his leg than on the card.

3. I got a new phone! Finally, after a year and a half of using hand-me-downs after dropping my new Chocolate and stepping on it. Car Toys had the ENV3 on sale, FOR FREE. Dear Verizon, you suck.

4. I'm wearing a little sports headband with my hair in a bun and my mom says it looks cute. So I stole all her headbands.

5. Jayden shared her ice cream with Jacob on Saturday and my heart died from the cuteness. And then I spent the next 24 hours wondering if he was going to get her cough. Still worrying.

6. I tried to make my own pasta with the attachment for my Kitchenaid mixer. It must make it too hot, because the pasta that came out was so sticky and it just melted into itself. We used my mom's old school hand-cranking machine and it was perfect. We should have made more though. Delicious!

7. As hard as this year has been, I'm so grateful to be able to stay home with Jacobey. I'd hate to leave him.

8. We found a toad by the pool this morning. Is that good luck?

9. I need a full apron. I had to pin a tea towel to my dress this afternoon as I was making pasta. Then Jacob pulled it off and I couldn't fix it because my hands were covered in pasta gunk.

10. Wow, 26 things is a lot. Maybe I should stop here?

11. I love how many comments are on my Facebook plank. So many people can come out of the woodwork and wish you well. Maybe they are just bored, but it's still sweet.

12, I'm getting a haircut with my birthday money. It's already getting too long from when I cut it in June. Which was at least 12 weeks ago, but considering I get it cut every six months? That's a short amount of time to go back for a trim.

13. If only I looked good with short hair. I suppose I'm guilty of wanting "mom hair" but it's so annoying to pin back my long, heavy hair everyday.

14. If I wear cleavage shirts, or low-cut dresses, Jacob thinks it's like a buffet and he can sample whenever he walks by.

15. And I'm going to bed now. Maybe the next 11 will come tomorrow!

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need more comments...11 to go