Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I guess I'm surprised it's been a week since my last confession. Truly, I could probably confess daily. This weekend saw us in Gunnison, CO at a campsite off of Blue Mesa Lake. It was nice, actually. We stayed in a cabin so there was no sleeping in tents. CS and I even got to sleep in the same bed together. I guess God says it's ok to sleep together in a cabin in the woods, just not in the house his parent's own. We had campfires and took the boat out on the lake so the guys could fish. There were 4-wheelers to get from the RV where CS's parents stayed and our cabin, but we certainly did (not) take the baby on one without a helmet. Nor would we try to take a long trek through the back woods with the baby, sans helmet and very much needing a nap. Nor did I forget to pack his body wash, so the only shower he could get was a soak in the pool and a quick dip in the hot tub. Last, but not least, I would never allow Jacob to put on sweatpants that hadn't been washed first, lest he get a horribly return of his nasty eczema.

Also size 4 diapers STILL leak and I'm still ignoring it. When can I start potty training?

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Kendra said...

you goof you are not catholic and that was not a sincere confession and I am not even a priest...your sarcasim is showing