Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not Me!

I suppose this was a Monday challenge, since MckMama is the one who coined the term "Not Me Monday" but I had a horrid headache last night so I didn't feel much like typing. The reason behind my headache is the hour long walk I took at 10 AM. I try to walk a few times a week but I was not prepared for how long or hard this walk would be. First off, I use Hunter to pull the stroller by wrapping his leash around the handle. Second, the route we went was not my normal route and it was a lot harder. Plus, it was from 10 to 11 AM and while it was much cooler yesterday than today, it was still hot. So I got a headache from walking and it didn't go away until I took 2 Tylenol and 2 Ibuprofen and drank a glass of iced tea for the caffeine, then took a hot shower to get all that into my blood stream. Hey! If drinking a glass of wine while showering can get you drunk, then this will help!

So, anyways. Not Me Monday is for me to (not)admit to a certain parenting failure, or even a non-parenting failure. I have (never) been guilty of letting Jacob sleep in his onsie after his diaper has leaked and there is a large wet spot. Nor have we slept in sheets that also got damp from said leaky diaper.

I really should invest in some size 4 diapers or shell out the money for Overnight diapers from a brand name. But Target is SO FAR AWAY. At least 20 minutes.

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Maris said...

I found your blog through Smitten Kitchen and can totally relate to this post. I'm trying to drink less coffee and that has resulted in a ridiculous headache every day (and coffee by noon!)