Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Jacob is on the verge of speaking. Real words. Where has my baby gone and why is this walking and almost talking child demanding I play with him? (I actually saw a four month old last week and oh my hell, I am never going to have another baby. Those things are too much WORK.)

I'm going to pick out his birthday invitations tomorrow at Target. For his first birthday. In two weeks and one day. He's walking like a champ, not perfect but getting sturdier everyday. He can climb stairs and knows that he's supposed to go down them backwards. He loves to play in dirt, but not sit in the pool. He likes to play in the black tub that doubles as a dog water bowl, once the water has gotten warm from the sun. He's learning to climb on things, like lawn chair loungers and the Dora 4-wheeler.

He eats Cheerios, most fruits and veggies, some meat, and bites of dessert. He can drink out of a bottle, which amuses me to no end. He likes to bite his sippy cup spout and ends up with water all over his body. Chips are his favorite thing, unless you have Cheeto Puffs and then he will eat his weight in orange dust.

He loves the dogs, especially Emma. He likes to feed the pigs, ripping up little pieces of weeds and pushing them through the bars. I make animal noises from him and it rarely fails to calm him down when he's fed up in the car seat.

He can give me kisses, open-mouthed and with tongue. The other day, we swear he said "jacob" and I think he can say "byebye", "mama", "dada", "yay!"

He loves Sesame Street, specifically Elmo and Maury. iPhone commercials are another favorite.

I can't believe he will have his first birthday in two weeks. I cannot believe how much life has changed so much in such a short year. It is so good, even when it's bad. I might have more money in the bank if I didn't have this baby, but I would not know this much joy.


Duncan Donuts said...

Can we get some walking videos, please!??

Kendra said...

oh and he dances!