Monday, December 13, 2010

Etsy Party

My Etsy party this weekend was a small scale success. I only had 4 people come over and I anticipated a few more than that but I still made some Christmas money and had a good time. Jacob didn't get a nap so he was screamier than usual. Luckily, there were only tears and no hitting.

Some potholders made with Insul-bright to protect your hands. In other news, I sold them.

Box pouch. My mom calls them shave kits. I would use it for knitting projects.

Re-usable snack bags. I lined them with PUL so you just wipe them out. This way, you can slice an apple, peel an orange or fill it with carrots and not worry about the mess. I think these will make great gifts for kids. I bet they won't think so though!

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