Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa, Baby

The baby kind of sucks at posing. He won't look at the camera or he only wants to push the shutter button to get the flash to pop up so he can smack it down.

He also won't look at me when he sees the camera in my face so I have to resort to yelling and making weird noises to get him to glance over.

I can't wait for Christmas! I know he is going to have a total blast in the morning when we open gifts and I'm kind of regretting that we will have to leave to go to lunch/dinner at my mom's house around 12. When we were growing up, we almost NEVER left the house for anything. I remember we did once, to go be with a friend of my parent's who had just gotten a divorce. We took tons of our stuff and it was fine. But I'm happy that we always made it a family day, except maybe to go across the street to have dinner with my grandparents.

This is the very first year that CS, Jacob and I have been together in our own house, EVER. We decorated the tree and presents are all wrapped and waiting underneath. Only 7 more days...

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