Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas: Part One

Christmas mornings almost always mean I am up hours before Jacob with plenty of time to snap adorable pictures of his sleepy face.

This year, Chris had to work, so we went over to my mom's house for the day. My grandparents, uncle and brothers were all there so it was a nice day to relax and eat food. Jacob got to open some presents, but he only got clothes, money and karate lessons paid for so it wasn't quite exciting for him.

The cousins. They don't actually like each other, but they do like to torment each other. I'm glad Jacob is going to be almost 4 years older than his sibling, to reduce those little spats. Or not, and we're just doomed!!

I got a bunch of maternity clothes I had picked out a while ago, but the downside is that they are all summer clothes and kind of useless in 20 degree weather. But I will be very thankful in May.

My brother and SIL gave me a gift certificate to my most favorite fabric shop of all and I can't wait to use it. I have been putting off my Plus quilt for a while because I need a backing and now I have the means to get it! I also have a gift card to Target from my mom that I am going to be using in a couple of hours. The lure of Target during sale season is too strong.

I'll tell you about Christmas at our house later. It involves a mostly naked baby, but that shouldn't surprise you.


The Shavers said...

Not sure anything can stop a spilling fight every now and then. But you are a great mommy so I am sure they will be FINE!!!

Tara said...

We had to wake Brigid up on the big day, too...I guess we should enjoy this time of somewhat peaceful Christmas mornings, before the 3am excited wake-ups start :)