Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas: Part Three

There is a Part Two, because we opened presents with Chris's family on Christmas night, but I didn't bring my camera so I have no evidence. To recap, Jacob got SO MANY presents that he didn't want to open them toward the end. I had to beg him to open his stocking, and he really didn't care. To say he is the most loved first grandchild on that side would be an understatement.

When Jacob woke up on Monday morning, he wanted his "tools" to play "struction" and that's why he's in his work goggles. He also needed to take his pants off, because they were scratchy.

We got him a couple things of wooden foods and a play kitchen stove, along with a big set of art supplies for his new easel. He was most excited to paint, as he had never done that before. Lucky for me, he's not too messy. Yet.

Then I looked around my living room, full of boxes and paper and felt compelled to leave immediately to avoid feeling claustrophobic in the chaos. So I went to my mom's and made caramels with my uncle. And we promptly forgot AGAIN to adjust for our altitude and made them way to hard. Did I say again? Still delicious though!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!


Tara said...

We (and I do mean we, because I play with it just as much as Brigid does!) got that cutting food set for Christmas, too! I absolutely love it...

ruffledsnob said...

ooooh, your son is adorable! Nothing cuter than a little guy in his undies!!