Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Think She Was Curious

I had my weekly appointment yesterday with my favorite doctor. The results of my internal exam are the same as the last two times. Soft but still no dilating. She explained to me that the baby's head needs to move down more to sit on top of my cervix, then I will be able to start dilating. My measurements are fine, I gained a pound, and my blood pressure is normal. She spoke to my stomach and told the baby to kick once if it's a girl and twice if it's a boy. Baby responded by shaking it's body. I take that as a firm "NO". My doctor? Took it as a reason to have an impromptu ultrasound.

Sure, sure, she claimed it was to make sure that the head was down like she thought it was. She said she liked to just slap on the ultrasound and confirm when there was an doubt. But when she gooped me up and found the head, she then zoomed around and found the neck, back, and the feet and hands. Then she made me look away while she checked the sex. Again, she claimed it was so she knew where to avoid, but I really think she just wanted to know. My doctor is the only person in the whole world who actually knows what I'm having! The injustice.

I must really not want to know, since I didn't even try to sneak a peak. It wasn't until later that I even thought about how I could know! Would make things so easy! Then the name picking wouldn't be such a process and maybe I could buy some sex appropriate clothing before hand. But no. I didn't cheat.

Baby looked good, the Dr. said. Head was down, although baby was laying on it's side with it's feet and hands on my right side. We could see it playing with the cord. Like my Dr. said "That is not a rattle!"

So far, so good. Hopefully I show some signs of progressing next week. The options for going over my due date are not enticing. Stress tests and induction. Whatever happened to give it two weeks? I also tested positive for group B strep so we will be stuck in the hospital for 48 hours after I deliver. CS is stoked because the hospital has flat screen TVs in every room. like he's going to want to watch TV. Honestly. Someone get that man a diaper and put him to work.

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