Saturday, August 02, 2008

Splitting The Worlds

Last night, CS and I went out to the lake to meet my brother along with some people he used to work with. This included the two adults I'm most disgusted by in recent events. When CS left his company, it seemed that the men he worked with, men he considered to be his good friends, turned their backs on him. He would call and never get a call back. Meanwhile, my brother would come home with stories about how one man in particular was spouting off assvice about how my brother needed to "get out on his own" and telling him about apartments opening up down the street from them. It made me absolutely furious. This is a family that asked my brother to pay them $800 a month to stay at their house for months. Never once did they offer to find him a place in NM while he was there, waiting for the job to end. Never mind how many times they have had to borrow money to make a payment on time, or had their cells shut off because they didn't pay for months. Talk about responsible.

Last night was the first night we all got together since New Mexico. And I only went along because I brought my own friends. Which may have been awkward for them because our groups didn't mingle much. But it was dark and late and we weren't there for fishing. I sat on my friend's tailgate with my friends, and CS went back and forth between the two groups.

I've never been dependent on CS's work friends to make my life in new places comfortable. I've found my own friends. I don't want to move from place to place without getting to know someone new. I suppose to be honest, I'm not particularly fond of the people he works with. They are fine acquaintances but no one has come close to being a friend to me. This does not frustrate me; I'd prefer it. But it does make it awkward when my world and CS's world collide.

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