Saturday, August 16, 2008

Naps Are For Babies

I've become sloth-like on the weekends. I don't get up for walks in the mornings, I let Hunter outside at 6 and go back to bed till 8:30. I lounge around the furniture, taking a nap in the afternoon for an hour. I try to avoid the stove. I get the house clean, although it's nowhere near deep clean. It feels very wrong to be so lax. Part of my brain tells me that I shouldn't be so exhausted at the end of the week. Come on, I sit at a desk all day. The other part of my brain, obviously the stronger part, tells me to take it easy. This is the last month I will have as a non-parent. After August, I will be in a mama to an infant who is going to demand a lot more of my strength and energy than anyone else ever has. Who cares if I don't get the carpets deep cleaned before baby is born. I need all the rest I can. Not only for what comes after labor, but because I'm also carrying around an extra 40 pounds on my body. (Ok, 38 but that's just for my peace of mind. I'm sure for everyone else, it's 40).

There is nothing pressing I need to get accomplished. The crib is set up, the pack and play is ready. I have ordered the cloth diapers and they are on their way. I need a dresser and a changing table pad and a diaper bag. Those involve a trip to Target and I have an appointment in the valley this week. I can't buy clothing until I know what I'm having. I'd make extra food and freeze it but I lack the energy and freezer space.

I'm 13 days away from my due date. THIRTEEN. Yet I have no premonition that I will have this baby before that day. I'm not dilated. Baby's head is not engaged. No contractions to speak of. No dropping. Just a soft cervix and the opportunity to schedule an induction. I will probably decline the offer to induce after 40 weeks. If we get to 41+ weeks, I will agree to one but not before that. I've thought all along that this baby would be born in September. I think it's proving me right.

Luckily, Cobra paperwork was sent out on Friday so we should be able to elect that by early next week. Just in time, too. I completely believe that was all in God's hands. Cobra's capable of dragging us through the ringer, but things are looking up. I'm going on a tour of the hospital this week. CS can't come because his job is sending him to Tucson for Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm not sure how that came about since I thought they were clear on the "No trips after the last trip because of the chance of LABOR" but they must think that Tucson doesn't count as "far away." I'm not worried, but I think CS has more apprehension about it. Labor is bound to be a long process because I've never had a baby. First babies don't fall out. But his concern is appreciated and well noted. However, if he's really concerned about us? Perhaps he could cook dinner on his days off. Standing that long is really too much for me.

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