Tuesday, March 24, 2009


CS called me this morning to tell me that the shipyard will be withholding his paycheck this week because it's in his contract that they take money for the tools he uses everyday. I'm sure this is to safeguard the fact that if a guy quits, he can walk off with a thousand dollars worth of tools and they never get them back. But, but, but SERIOUSLY? NOW! Like we aren't already living like fucking beggars. Like we didn't already miss a paycheck last week because CS didn't go in while we were there. Like we aren't trying to get a house and move out there in less than three weeks. Why can't they give warning? Not two days in advance, how about a month? Seriously, if I had a phone number for someone in payroll, I would be calling her and ripping her a new one because who does that? People have budgets and they can't just miss out on a paycheck with no warning. Not to mention the fact that they already didn't pay CS for one day due to not knowing he was there and another day because their system crashed and they are "trying to work it out." So there is $600 just waiting around to be put into a paycheck. This is not legal, I'm sure. You can't fuck with wages. This is our livelihood. We need money for bills. It's not like we work because we just love working. Working means money means we can pay for shit to live. HELLO.

And now I'm going to go cancel Jacob's insurance because they don't pay for shit and I keep paying them.

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