Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm back from Mississippi and it was a nice visit. Slightly overshadowed by the fact that CS didn't go in to work which means no paycheck for us this week and I have student loans due AND credit cards. Two things you cannot be late on or you give them the opportunity to wreck havoc on your life. I'm pretty much incapable of enjoying a vacation when I know that the week I get back is going to be hell.

We did drive around Ocean Springs and managed to find quite a few houses that were for rent. One house I loved a lot because it was painted and spacious but they wanted over a thousand a month for it and I am not going to pay that much for rent again. We managed to find a three bedroom house for about two hundred less that the first house and it's closer to the beach. It's a lot smaller but the yard is bigger. The bedrooms are tiny! And there is no dining room but there is a laundry room and a bathroom in the master bedroom. The owner came in after Katrina and re insulated the entire house and put in the laundry room, another bathroom and painted everything. There are new appliances, but we will have to go get a washer and dryer. We're waiting on CS's income tax refund before we can put the deposit down but they said they would "hold" it for us until the 1st.

Ocean Springs is a cute little town, apparently full of doctor's offices, restaurants, and bars. I'm not sure if there is a Target but Gulfport/Biloxi is just down the highway and I'm sure they have one. It's going to be so much better to live in MS than it was in New Mexico or Arizona. The ocean is a huge perk but so is not living in a tiny, poor community. And there is a second hand baby/kids shop so I will be there all the time! Maybe someday I will get lucky and find a Babyhawk carrier. I'd shell the money out for one but Jacob is about to outgrow his car seat and I need to buy that first. Damn being the responsible, financially savvy parent.

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