Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Quit With The Cheering!

I'm sure that no one but me has ever noticed this and I only notice it because there is a baby sleeping in the next room and I try to avoid loud noises when he's sleeping. But reality TV has far too many moments of cheering! Yelling! Screaming! If it's not cheering on reality TV, it's gunshots on programs. Obviously, the people who edit and write these shows do not have a baby sleeping in the next room. Nor have they tried to put a baby to sleep while watching their shows. Seriously, you are on notice.

I admit that I'm still watching "The L Word" and I'm sad that this is the last season. Where am I going to get my fill of smart, fashionable, witty, sexy lesbians? Why!! Showtime? Whyyy? Surely ratings did not go down, who doesn't love a good lesbian plot line? Neither daytime nor nighttime TV can compete with such a show. I already watched "The Tudors" and am madly in love with "The US of Tara." Good thing I have still not watched Season 3 and 4 of "L Word." I really need to join Netflicks if I'm going to refuse to buy series on DVD. And heavens knows when I last set foot in a movie store. July? I don't really have time for movies. Hell, I sat down to watch Matt Nathanson on Ellen today and somehow I missed it. I was in the living room with Jacob, sitting on the floor, watching TV, and I never saw him. How? I clearly remember Dr. Phil coming on and changing the channel. But I cannot recall the last half of Ellen. Another reason why my mom needs DVR. It makes TV magical!

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Kendra said...

honey what happen to your life???? daytime tv? oh please.....lol