Friday, June 05, 2009


Jacob is starting to say "Mama" and this delights me to no end. He says it a lot, but not actually to me so he hasn't figured out that the noise he's making is the same thing I keep asking him to say. CS makes a sad face everytime he hears Jacob say it but I think it's totally fair. Dada isn't getting up at 12, 2, and 4 to soothe him! Dada doesn't get up and change you in the morning. Or play with you all day. Bathe you and put you to bed. Darn straight, Jacob better say "mama" first.

I'm still waiting on his medicine to start working which probably means I'm in for a huge blowout. Bummer. I'm more concerned about the rash that has been popping up the last few days. It's only on his face and torso and the nurse at the doctor's office doesn't think it could be related to the medicine but she also said that breastfed babies don't get constipated and they usually go more than once a week. So not true! Meet my baby.

He shattered a glass bowl yesterday, shards of glass all over his feet. Luckily, he didn't get cut and I was able to clean it up without too much trouble. Reason #4 I hate having concrete floors in my living space. Honestly, I'd rather have carpet. My mom has carpet and it just seems easier to take care of. No mopping, just the vacuum. I guess I could move the living space into the other bedroom but then the kitchen would be so bare and I spend most of the day going in there for snacks. Obviously, I'm not losing much weight. But we are going to daily walks, unless the baby sleeps till 10 AM. Then we take a short walk in the evening. Before the mosquitos come out to eat us. Shockingly, they eat me more than the delicious baby in the stroller.

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