Sunday, June 21, 2009

Taking Baby Steps

No, Jacob isn't walking yet. CLOSE, but not yet. I'm talking about baby steps for me. We went to church this morning and I knew that keeping Jacob quiet and entertained during the service was not going to happen so I planned on putting him into the nursery after the worship service. I was able to hand him off without him even noticing it and I took my seat on the pew and realized that I forgot to check the number they flash on the screen when a baby is inconsolable. I debated about whether or not to go check really fast or just run out of the church when I saw a number. I tried really hard to pay attention and not wonder what he was doing or just go check on him around the corner really fast. Finally, about ten minutes from the end of church I saw a number flash on the screen so I got up to go check and sure enough it belonged to me. The head of the children's group was holding him and he had big tears on his face and he was making the sounds of a baby who has just been sobbing and trying to calm down. He went to me but then a minute later he reached out for the woman who had been holding him and went back to her. I take that as a big, fat "I'm mad at you, Mama." So we went to the Crying Room and instantly he was showing off his talking noises for a five month old named Emma and trying to pull the Glade plug-in out of the wall. Hopefully, he is able to go play next time for the whole sermon and that he doesn't remember it as the place where there is no mama. Because that thirty minutes of alone time, spend acting like an adult and listening to an adult talk about grown-up things was kind of, just what I needed. Plus, Jacob needs to learn to play with other kids, not just with mamas. And dogs.

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