Friday, June 12, 2009

A Tale Of Two Fans

On Wednesday night, our air conditioning broke. And it was hot. We suffered through the morning until I took Jacob to the county health department to get his shot where it was blessedly air conditioned. Then we came back home to a 90 degree house. Jacob took a nap and afterwards we went to the neighbors pool. Which was not even cold, that's how hot we were. The repair guy was there fixing the unit when we got back from the pool and declared the problem a dirty filter and, lo, it was cool!

When we got back down to 75 degrees, the unit shut off and then it turned back on again it was not blowing cool air anymore. The fan on the outside unit wasn't turning so slowly the house crept back up to 82 degrees. CS went to get box fans but they didn't do much besides blow slightly cooler air around the bedroom and Jacob's room.

As of now, we're just waiting around for the repair man to come again. I think a trip to Walmart followed by Target followed by the mall might be in order. But someone has to be here to make sure they fix the problem. They better be sure to fix it this time. I'm not going through another day and night of hot air and sticky baby limbs.

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