Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Quilting Bee

I'm going to be making a quilt the next few weeks. It's not really a quilting bee, it's a quilt-along but since my fabric has bees on it I feel justified in saying so.

This is the back of the quilt. I wasn't sure what fabric I was going to use when I went to pick it out but it caught my eye instantly and I love it! Also, the place I got the fabric from? A REAL LIVE ETSY STORE! I think my personal heaven is going to be a room full of bolts of fabric.

The woman who is hosting the quilt-along is Randi and she's from this area. I used to see her every week at the library when her youngest came for craft time. I was completely smitten with her daughter as she was, and still is, adorable. I think I actually still have a magnet from work with her picture in it. I can't say the library was all bad, since it introduced me to lots of wonderful people.

This is the fabric I chose for the binding and you can see the bees here. There is also a blue fabric with the same pattern that I had to throw in as well.

I washed, dried, and ironed all the fabric the other day. It's sitting in my coat closet, neatly folded and waiting to be cut into rectangles. I need to pick up some white fabric for the squares as well as the batting and a walking foot. It's just kismet that I found Randi right after I decided that I was going to make a quilt with my Christmas money. I am so excited!

In other crafty news, I made curtains for Jacob's room out of two receiving blankets. I never once used my receiving blankets. I have stacks of them and they are just going to waste. So I cut up two that match his crib decor and quickly sewed them into a rough curtain. My camera wasn't shooting well into the light of the sun so it's a bit dark but you get the idea. I also hemmed a curtain for a vertical window into a horizontal window curtain for my bedroom and I'm pleased that I can now have sunlight in both rooms!

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